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              1. Market Boom! HICC Won A Batch of Projects
                Source : Views : 215 Release Time : 2021-08-09 【Font: Big medium small

                Recently, HICC won the bids in Wuhan, Xiangyang, Shiyan, Jingmen, Huanggang, Chongqing, Karamay and other areas, involving housing construction, municipal roads, industrial parks, ports and channels and other business fields, with the total amount of the bid over 3.5 billion yuan.


                The Third Company

                Recently, Third Company won 9 projects, such as the Suizhou No. 1 Middle School science and education building renovation project, Laohekou Construction Investment Management Co., LTD. Central China Wood Industry Home Furnaces Industrial Park Home furnaces (Phase III) project, General contractor of Xiaoting District Fuan Road (Xiaochong Road - Fengqiao Road) Rain and sewage Pipe network Construction and supporting engineering (Phase I) EPC Project, Wuhan Traffic Information Center building maintenance and renovation project, Changqing Garden Catchment Area Renovation Project (EPC), Tairan South Lake Rose Bay project (phase IV), with a total bid winning amount of about 823 million yuan.



                Particularly, the bid winning amount of Tairan South Lake Rose Bay project (phase IV) is 585.11 million yuan. It covers a total construction area of 130883.04 square meters. The overall landscape style of the project is “big park landscape community”. Based on the principles of natural theme, waterfront intention and strengthening the relationship between open space and South Lake, it will become a landmark of South Lake New Town after its completion.


                General Contracting Company

                Recently, the general contracting company won the three bids, including the community chuyuanli district A, the reconstruction and expansion of Liulin primary school in Shiyan City, the road and municipal supporting works of Dahuashan phase II western area (Great Health Industrial Park) in Wuhan Jiangxia Economic Development Zone, with a total bid winning amount of about 450 million yuan.

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                Waterway Engineering Company

                Recently, the Waterway Engineering company won the bid for the reconstruction and expansion of Washi Wharf in linsifang port area of Wuhan port, the anchorage project of Hankou navigation hub project, the channel dredging project of shennongxi and lianzixi in Badong County, and the channel maintenance project of Shimen Lake in Anqing city.



                Among them, the contract amount of the reconstruction and expansion project of high piled wharf in linsifang port area of Wuhan port is 150 million yuan, and the construction scale is 310,000-ton berths. It is the first hydraulic structure project of 10000-ton high pile wharf undertaken by waterway engineering company. The winning of the project has laid a good foundation for the company to undertake the construction of large-scale wharf projects in the future.


                International Engineering Company

                On July 13, the International Engineering Company successfully won the bid for the road project, housing construction project, system maintenance and transformation project, youth talent apartment construction project in Karamay and human resources industrial park construction project in Karamay high tech Industrial Development Zone. The total bid amount of above projects is about 1.35 billion yuan.



                After the completion of these projects, it can meet the needs of Karamay urban development for infrastructure, especially the construction of human settlements in the core area of the city and the construction of basic services in new development areas. Besides, it can improve the urban carrying capacity, improve the investment environment, promote economic development, maintain social stability, promote economic prosperity, and produce long-term and good social benefits. Recently, the international company also won the first phase of Enshi SDIC safe escort service complex project and the general contracting of Qixing lake ecological restoration project, with a total winning amount of about 170 million yuan.


                Infrastructure Company

                The Infrastructure Company won the bid for the reconstruction and expansion project from Sancha road to tuguanya, Gucheng County, national highway 316 (mercury platform to Shihua section) and the production and processing of asphalt concrete of Macheng Jinlei green material development Co., Ltd., with a total bid amount of about 250 million yuan.


                Infrastructure Division

                The Infrastructure Division won the bid for the school reconstruction and expansion project of Peixin primary school in Jiangbei District, Chongqing, with a bid price of 91.17 million yuan. The completion of the project will expand the school operational capacity, further improve the tight educational resources for the surrounding areas, and meet the enrollment needs of surrounding school-age students.