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              1. HICC Held a ‘CLOUD’ Chinese New Year Party for Overseas Projects
                Source : Views : 3475 Release Time : 2021-02-09 【Font: Big medium small

                The most important traditional festival of China-the Spring Festival is approaching. At overseas construction sites, there is a group of HICC staff that we cared about still hard working. On the afternoon of February 5th, HICC held a ‘Cloud’ Chinese New Year party, sent new year greetings to the overseas colleagues.




                At the party, Hu Dan, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of HICC, sent cordial greetings and best wishes to the front-line cadres and employees in Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Mongolia, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries through video.Then Overseas branch venues gathered on the “cloud” side, wish the people of the motherland Happy New Year.




                In the video, the overseas project responsible comrades of HICC international company, HIETC, HICC Installation Company, Tianhua Company and HICC Steel Structure company introduced the project construction progress, epidemic prevention and control measures, and living supplies reserves, etc. They assured that they will fulfill the mission and resolutely complete all tasks.


                Hu Dan said: “At the critical moment of the domestic epidemic, employees stationed abroad concerned about the company and overcame difficulties to raise epidemic prevention materials for the country. With the spread of the epidemic, you people in foreign countries made the HICC group nervous. You have conveyed China’s power and displayed the image of HICC with practical actions. Behind the dedication comes sacrifice. That you left your family and dedicated to the development of HICC overseas business let us feel grateful; That your care for the family and worries for your relatives let us empathized. The situation of overseas epidemic prevention and control is very severe, HICC will definitely stand with you and ensure the safety and health of every overseas employee. Please rest assured.


                HICC overseas committee, comrades in charge of foreign related companies also participated in this New Year party.