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              1. The fund management company participated by Hubei Industrial Construction Investment Co., Ltd. was established
                Source : Views : 638 Release Time : 2020-10-05 【Font: Big medium small

                On September 28th, the Hubei High-quality Development Capital Conference of the Year 2020 was held in Wuhan.


                With the theme of "Create New Highlands for Scientific Innovation, Develop New Engines for Growth", the conference invited hundreds of well-known experts, scholars, and venture capital leaders from different countries and regions together to build a new high-standard interactive platform covering domestic and foreign investment institutions, enterprises and media.


                Hubei Industrial Construction Investment Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference. On behalf of the Company, the general manager Hong Liang signed a contract on-site with the relevant parties to establish Hubei Ronghan Gongjin Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.


                After the establishment of the fund management company, it will effectively serve the main business of the Group, broaden its financing channels, assist its business development, promote its transformation and upgrading. As the fund management company steps into the high-quality and fast-development stage, it is of great strategic significance to the business development of HICC. At the same time, it can make full use of the resources and technological advantages of other partners to explore and participate in the investment in innovative industries such as semiconductors, new materials, dual-use technologies, and intelligent equipment manufacturing, medical care and health care, and new energy industry chain.